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(TODAY##) vs live video 6 October 2023

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Highly Scalable and Reliable At Wowza, we deliver the assurance of a rock-solid reputation with tier-one platform quality. When you want a video solution that grows with your needs, you can count on Wowza for reliability that protects your brand trust and delights your audience. Robust APIs, SDKs and Documentation Wowza offers comprehensive resources to streamline building, integrating, and scaling video within your applications. Your team can expect frictionless paths to customization and innovation. Best-In-Class Customer Support Wowza provides expertise and guidance with flexible levels of service, so you'll never be limited by team resources or support challenges when you want to get more out of video. Wowza Streaming Video Solutions The Wowza platform offers end-to-end video solutions, for both live video and VOD streaming. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video 35, 000+ Video Streaming Implementations Worldwide The solution you start with, the partner you scale with. FOX Facebook Vimeo Sony mix pose GS Neotek Learn How to Power Your Streaming Application with Wowza Start Building Your Video Solution on a Platform that Scales with Your Needs Industry-Leading Support Model Get support for your next live event, speak with a representative for a more immediate issue, or browse our community forums. It's about building relationships, it's about understanding the customer problem, and investing in that customer problem. Harpreet SinghCEO Child Health Imprints Wowza is a preferred partner that we've relied on to power our video technologies for over a decade, and we're excited about the new capabilities they've brought to market with Wowza Video. Patrick FreemanDigital Media Systems Administrator Jewelry Television They're Doing Amazing Things With Wowza Video. Viewers enjoy the "real" footage. After all, it's what humanizes your brand. Isn't it? Accessibility can be tricky with live streaming As with any video marketer, you may also want to build a loyal audience base with your live videos. But doing this is trickier than it seems. Mainly because understanding when is your target audience most active on your chosen live streaming platform is challenging. And this becomes all the more difficult when you have viewers watching your live content in different time zones. This is why it is essential to track the key video metrics to analyze when most of your audience is online. And the close physical proximity it provides them with you on their screens makes them feel more connected to you. Live videos save time It's no secret that live streaming is a real time-saver. No editing. No retakes. While you may consider setting up a live video studio, going live just needs a platform and a device to stream. With live, you don't need to spend hours on video recording, editing, reviewing, and do all that jazz that goes into generating pre-recorded content. Live is in vogue The raw appeal that a live video offers is one reason why live content is booming right now. Live videos seem more authentic than pre-recorded ones. There are no cuts or editing, and the connection is real-time. That's why you can expand your reach sooner with live streams than any other form of video content. So, if you are looking for a safe bet for shares without breaking the bank, live videos are the way to go. Cons of Live Video Live streaming isn't foolproof All good things about live streaming may make it top of mind for you. But don't mistake it to be a foolproof tactic to strengthen your video marketing. As with anything that's real-time, live videos too are pretty uncertain at that. From technical glitches (slow Internet connections, audio issues, blurry videos) ruining your broadcasts to human errors like slipups, fumbling, etc. – a lot can go wrong during a live stream. And it's all-natural. You don't have to beat yourself up about that. In fact, this little control that you have over your live streams is what strengthens your connection with your audience. No matter which live streaming idea you adopt, it's going to generate traction for your brand. Plus, the longer are your live streams, the more are their chances to be discovered. By garnering attention, your live streams can engage your audience with more likes, comments, shares, and expand your brand's reach too. Live videos are virtually free It's a well-known fact that going live on social platforms doesn't cost a penny. You may want to spend some money on video-production essentials like lighting, camera, etc. But when it comes to live streaming alone, it's virtually free. The credit goes to the raw footage with "no-retakes" that helps customers know brands up close and personal. What is Pre-recorded Video? Pre-recorded videos are great tools for presenting your ideas in a more structured way. While you can always have a run-of-show for your live videos to plan them well, you can't beat the fact that pre-recorded videos can be edited. The raw appeal of live videos is all fantastic, but pre-recorded videos can help you add that TV-like production quality to the content. When judging the value of live video vs. pre-recorded video, check how Sephora capitalizes on live streams to engage its viewers. This live broadcast with Sephora Beauty Directors has gathered more than 47, 000 views to date and counting. That is pretty incredible. Live broadcasts make your viewers stick longer Watch time is a big umbrella metric to track. And live videos help you improve your video watch time to a considerable extent. But how? Well, thanks to the fact that viewers can't pause and resume live videos as and when they want, the chances of them sticking longer on live broadcasts are more than with pre-recorded videos. Plus, even if you save your live videos, you can repurpose them in various ways to engage your viewers further. LiveBarn Download and save 30-second or 30-minute video directly to your phone or computer. Tag Live Games. Tag highlights while watching live, in-venue (automatically ... 77 Live Streaming Stats to Help You Create New Revenue Sep 14, 2023 — These include the number of video views (63%), level of audience engagement (61%), leads and clicks (56%), brand awareness or PR (43%), customer ... Differences between video broadcast and live video streaming There is no difference between these terms. They are simply different designations used to talk about one and the same technology: sending content « live » (or ...Infomaniak · Nov 20, 2016


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