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[8][10] A new capital was seen as a more economically viable alternative than attempting to reorganise and restructure Dar es Salaam and was idealised as a way of diverting development away from continued concentration in a single coastal city that was seen as anathema to the government's goal of socialist unity and development. [8] Objectives for the new capital included: that the city become a symbol of Tanzania's social and cultural values and aspirations; that the capital city function be supplemented by industrial-commercial development; and that the mistakes and features of colonial planning and modern big cities, such as excessive population densities, pollution and traffic congestion, be avoided. 4% in ten years. [14] Climate[edit] Dodoma features a semi-arid climate[citation needed] with warm to hot temperatures throughout the year. While average highs are somewhat consistent throughout the year, average lows dip to 13 °C (55. 4 °F) in July. Dodoma averages 610 millimetres or 24 inches of rainfall per year, the vast majority of which occurs during its wet season between December and April. The remainder of the year comprises the city's dry season. Climate data for Dodoma (1991–2020) Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high °C (°F) 35. 3(95. 5) 36. 0(96. Gallery[edit] Dodoma Railway Station Roundabout in Dodoma Nyerere's statue in Dodoma St Paul of the Cross Cathedral in Dodoma Chimwaga Complex Hall Twin towns – sister cities[edit] Dodoma is twinned with the following places: Religions[edit] The city hosts the Dodoma Cathedral, the Anglican Church and the Muammar Gaddafi mosque. See also[edit] Tanzanian wine is from Dodoma Notes[edit] ^ "2012 The United Republic of Tanzania Population and Housing Census". Archived from the original on 13 April 2014. The final location of the parliament was not in its original intended location in the master plan, with the location now being developed as a site for a university. [7] As much of the initial design never came to fruition over the past 40 years, government offices and embassies have resisted moving offices to Dodoma. As a result, many government offices remain in Dar es Salaam, which remains the commercial and the de facto capital of Tanzania. [12][7] Dodoma was envisaged as a nation-building project to cement a newly post-colonial independence identity and direction in Tanzania, and is similar to projects in Nigeria (Abuja), Côte d’Ivoire (Yamoussoukro), Botswana (Gaborone), Malawi (Lilongwe) and Mauritania (Nouakchott). It is also 260 kilometres (160 miles) west of Morogoro. It covers an area of 2, 669 square kilometres (1, 031 sq mi) of which 625 square kilometres (241 sq mi) is urbanized. History[edit] Dodoma in 1912 20th century[edit] Originally a small market town known as Idodomya, the modern Dodoma was founded in 1907 by German colonists during construction of the Tanzanian central railway. The layout followed the typical colonial planning of the time with a European quarter segregated from a native village. [5] In 1967, following independence, the government invited Canadian firm Project Planning Associates Ltd to draw up a master plan to help control and organise the then capital of the country, Dar es Salaam, which was undergoing rapid urbanisation and population growth. [18] Railway[edit] The city is served by Dodoma Railway Station, located near Kikuyu Avenue, through which runs the Central Railway Line, which connects Dodoma over a distance of 465 kilometres (289 mi) with Dar es Salaam in the east. In 2019, Tanzania Railways commissioned a study into a Dodoma commuter rail network. [19] Public transport[edit] A daladala station serves Dodoma on B129 south west of Dodoma. Road link[edit] A major highway connects Dodoma with Dar es Salaam via the Morogoro in the east. To the west, there are roads to Mwanza and Kigoma going through Singida and Tabora. The Great North Road links the city with Babati and Arusha to the north, via Kondoa and Iringa, Njombe, Songea, Mbeya and Vwawa to the south via Mtera. The site, the Dodoma region, had been looked at as a potential new capital as early as 1915 by the then colonial power Germany, in 1932 by the British as a League of Nations mandate and again in the post-independence National Assembly in 1961 and 1966. [7][8] With an already-established town at a major crossroads, the Dodoma region had an agreeable climate, room for development[9] and was located in the geographic centre of the nation. Its location in a rural environment was seen as the ujamaa heartland and therefore appropriate for a ujamaa capital that could see and learn from neighbouring villages and maintain a close relationship to the land. Government[edit] Nyerere Square The Parliament of Tanzania is located in Dodoma. [20] The office of the President of Tanzania and the headquarters of ministers of the Government of Tanzania completed the move to the Mtumba area of the city in October 2019. [21] Sports[edit] The city is represented in the Tanzanian Premier League by football clubs Dodoma FC, which used to be called Polisi Dodoma, and other older clubs, including CDA, Waziri Mkuu, Kurugenzi, Mji Mpwapwa, and Dundee. Football[edit] Football is admired by most children and teenagers in Dodoma. Football is a hobby that is the favourite of most young boys in Dodoma. [22] Other sports[edit] Interest in other sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and even rugby, is increasing. Stadium[edit] The city hosts the Jamhuri Stadium on School Avenue. [23] Places of worship[edit] Anglican Cathedral of Holy Spirit The places of worship in the city are predominantly Christian churches and temples: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dodoma (Catholic Church), Anglican Church of Tanzania (Anglican Communion), Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (Lutheran World Federation), Baptist Convention of Tanzania (Baptist World Alliance), Assemblies of God. [24] There are also Muslim mosques. (Sport<<) Coastal Union v Tabora United live watch 29/09 7 days ago — Latest news, stats and live commentary for the Ligi kuu Bara's meeting between Coastal Union v Tabora on the 29 September 2023. [5] The Capital Development Authority (CDA) invited three international firms to submit proposals for the best location and preparation of a master plan: Project Planning Associates Ltd., of Canada; Doxiadis Associates International, of Greece (who had worked on Pakistan's new capital of Islamabad); and Engineering Consulting Firms Association, of Japan. A fourth firm from Germany submitted a proposal without invitation. Tabora United FC vs Dodoma H2H - Livescore Tabora United FC x Dodoma h2h - Tabora United FC x Dodoma head to head results. Football online, Soccer Online, Score live, Soccer results, Live football ... Dodoma - WikipediaDodoma Jiji la Dodoma (Swahili)Capital city of Tanzania From top to bottom: Gaddafi mosque in Viwandani ward, Street in Tambukareli ward, Nyerere square in Viwandani wardNickname: The Capital CityDodomaLocation of DodomaCoordinates: 6°10′23″S 35°44′31″E / 6. 17306°S 35. 74194°ECountry TanzaniaRegionDodomaGovernment • MayorDavis G. (WATCH TV) Streaming: Kagera Sugar | Swiss Safe Sport Group Kagera Sugar vs Namungo: LiveScore, Live Stream + Watch Kagera Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji -1 Tabora United -2 Geita Gold Kagera Sugar Ihefu 12 Singida Big ...


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