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[STREAMING**] Iran VS Saudi Arabia Live Broadcast 6 October 2023

J. Kechichian · 2016 · ‎Social ScienceJ. Kechichian. can't. We broadcast live. You're not in Algeria.” Furious, the ... Saudi Arabia's Turki Suhaili, the editor of a Riyadh newspaper and a member ...

By ReutersWith Iranian Girl in Coma, Suspicion Falls on GovernmentExactly what happened to Armita Geravand, 16, is unclear, but the circumstances have fueled accusations that agents enforcing Iran’s dress code must have harmed her. By Farnaz FassihiDemocrats Tell Biden Saudi-Israel Pact Needs Concessions for PalestiniansThe demands would probably be met with stiff resistance from hard-line members of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. By Mark MazzettiIsraeli Herders Spread Across West Bank, Displacing PalestiniansPalestinian herding communities are abandoning their villages, ceding huge swaths of land to nearby Israeli settlers. But Saudi Arabia does not have a formal penal code, so judges have flexibility to issue a wide range of convictions on charges such as “breaking allegiance with the ruler, ” according to Human Rights Watch. Lashing, stoning, and amputations have been doled out as punishments. Saudi Arabia restricts the rights of women, children, and non-citizens. Violations of due process, arbitrary arrests, and torture are common. Chapter 5, Article 26The State shall protect human rights in accordance with the Sharia. Chapter 6, Article 46The Judiciary is an independent authority. The decisions of judges shall not be subject to any authority other than the authority of the Islamic Sharia. Chapter 6, Article 47All people, either citizens or residents in the Kingdom, are entitled to file suit on an equal basis. The Law shall specify procedures for this purpose. Iran: The legal system includes many layers of civil, criminal and military courts. But it also has two sets of tribunals outside of the judiciary, the Revolutionary Courts and the Special Court for the Clergy. By Raja Abdulrahim and Hwaida SaadAs Egypt’s Presidential Vote Nears, Dissent Flickers Around el-SisiVoters will choose a leader in December. It will likely be President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, though with the economy in dire straits, protests are gaining momentum. By Vivian YeeTimesVideoIranian Teen in Coma After Boarding Train Without HijabSecurity footage broadcast by state media showed the girl being carried unconscious off a subway train, but footage from inside the train has not been released. Iran vs Saudi Arabia Head to Head The Soccer Teams Iran and Saudi Arabia played 3 Games since 2005. Among them, Iran won 1 games (Total Goals 4, PPG 1.3), Saudi Arabia won 1 (Total Goals 4, ... Saudi-Iran ties have a long way to go despite Jun 21, 2023 — Saudi Arabia's foreign minister made a high-profile visit to Tehran, drawing coverage and praise about the improvement in relations between ... The death penalty applies to a wide range of crimes, including drug-related offenses, adultery, rape, sodomy, and insulting the Prophet Mohammad. Iran has seen a sharp rise in executions during the past few years. The government announced 289 executions in 2014, but there may have been hundreds more that were not formally acknowledged, according to Amnesty International. More than 800 people were executed between January and October 2015, putting Iran on track to have its highest execution rate in 25 years. Saudi Arabia: The king acts as the head of the legal system and the final court of appeals. The High Court is the highest judicial authority in the kingdom. The kingdom has three types of courts:Sharia courts, which are the largest network of courts and hear the most casesThe Board of Grievances, which manages cases that involve the governmentCommittees in government ministries that address specific issues, such as labor disputesCourts are required to issue rulings in accordance with Sharia. Middle EastLatestSearchSearchAmerican Jet Shoots Down Turkish Drone in SyriaThe Pentagon said the drone had been observed carrying out airstrikes shortly before flying within about 550 yards of U. S. forces. By John Ismay and Eric SchmittDrone Attack at Military Graduation in Syria Kills at Least 80, Government SaysRetaliatory shelling by Syrian government forces against towns in the northwest killed at least eight people, according to a rights group. ” “The relationship between citizens and state officials is founded on solid and deep-rooted traditions, compassion, mutual respect and loyalty stemming from the sincere and firm convictions in the hearts of this country's people generation. There is no difference between the ruler and the ruled. They are equal before the law of God, and they are all equal in their love of this homeland and in their eagerness to maintain its safety, unity, pride and progress. ” Iran: The constitution lays out an idyllic vision of “an ideal and model society” based on Islam. The Islamic Republic is strongly anti-monarchical, and its political system contains a blend of democratic and theocratic elements. Its constitution draws upon French and Belgian law, while stipulating that all laws be compatible with Sharia. Although the Shiite clergy were historically independent from government, Iran’s theocracy seized control of the “sacred” after the 1979 revolution and co-opted the clerical establishment. Iran’s theocratic regime has deprived the entire clerical class of its autonomy, but also made it rich and powerful. Khamenei, for example, reportedly controls a multi-billion dollar financial empire. Saudi Arabia: Like Iran’s constitution, Saudi Arabia’s Basic Law frames the political system as an ideal Islamic state. In 1992, King Fahd described Saudi Arabia as a “distinguished model of politics. ” Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. The latter has been used as a political tool to silence clerics who urge reform or challenge the regime. Amputation, flogging and stoning to death are all legal according to Iran’s penal code. The code’s latest iteration, which entered into force in 2013, “now omits references to apostasy, witchcraft and heresy, but continues to allow for juvenile executions, ” according to a U. N. report. Iran’s most significant human rights problems include restrictions on civil liberties, arbitrary detentions, and torture, according to the U. State Department. Iran ranks second in the world for executions, behind China. Suspects are sometimes held for months or even years without facing trial. Saudi authorities have imprisoned human rights activists and political dissidents for peaceful activities. Saudi Arabia ranks third in the world for executions. Less than half of death penalty cases are for murder, with the rest for crimes such as non-violent drug offenses and sorcery. At least 90 people were executed in 2014, and 151 were executed between January and November 2015 – the highest recorded figure in two decades. International RelationsBoth Iran and Saudi Arabia have sought to export their brands of Islam throughout the Muslim world. Saudi Football Club Refuses to Play in Iran Over Military 3 days ago — The match between Iran's Sepahan and Saudi Arabia's Al-Ittihad was “Your children are going to live to 100 and not have cancer because of ... Saudi football team refuses to play in Iran in potential 3 days ago — and other political banners, Saudi Arabia's Al Ekhbariya TV reported. Soleimani was seen as playing a key role in arming, training and ... Iran and Saudi Arabia are among 6 nations set to join Aug 24, 2023 — Iran and Saudi Arabia are among six nations that have been invited to join the BRICS bloc of developing economies, along with the United ... In his teachings, Wahhab denounced popular Islamic practices, particularly those associated with Sufism, and emphasized the concept of tawhid, or oneness of God. He drew upon the teachings of 14th century scholar Ibn Taymiyya, who called for a return to the earliest forms of Islam. Wahhabis hold conservative views on gender relations, minority rights, and personal freedoms. They denounce pilgrimages to tombs – a common practice in Shiism – as polytheistic. Saudi Arabia vs Iran 28 Septe | RMSI 2023 Group Sep 27, 2023 — [[[watch tv!!]=]] Live stream: Saudi Arabia vs Iran 28 September 2023. Norman Cigar · 2016 · ‎Political Science... or provoke a state which ...


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