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Everything we need to know about Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan Portal

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

All Citizens in the state of Chhattisgarh can access land records online through the CG Bhuiyan portal. Discussed in this article are the various aspects of the website and how to proceed, if you are looking for land records online in Chhattisgarh.

What is CG Bhuiyan (छत्तीसगढ़ भुइयाँ)?

CG Bhuiyan is Chhattisgarh’s computerised land records project, under which the central state in India attempts to provide land-related information, including online maps (bhu naksha) and khasra and khata details. Developed by the National Informatics Centre, the CG Bhuiyan portal offers citizens the facility of viewing Khasra (P-II) and Khatauni (BI) online, ending the need for them to visit patwari and tehsil offices.

Main facilities that CG Bhuiyan portal provides

  • Records of lands in the state.

  • Download of khasra (P-II) and khatauni (BI) report in PDF format.

  • Correction of errors.

  • View of mutation register report.

CG Bhuiyan online land record

The state has been consistently trying to add more cities on the Chhattaisgarh Bhuiyan portal. In January 2021, for example, it released the online map for 11 villages of the Kabirdham district on the portal, while work is underway to bring the online maps of the remaining villages of the district on the CG Bhuiyan portal soon.

In case of any error in their property records, citizens can also apply online, to get the error rectified rather than physically visiting the local land revenue offices.

However, users are advised to keep handy the details required to access specific information. Depending on the information they are trying to seek, users will be asked to provide their names, phone numbers, village and tehsil details, khasra number, khata number, etc., before they can proceed. They will also be asked to register themselves on the CG Bhuiyan portal, using some of these details.

Another factor to consider, while accessing the Bhuiyan portal is to expect a long response time. Despite the several updates made to the server by the land revenue department, the portal often works with a lag.

In fact, the revenue department has been working towards improving the server speed for a long time now. In May 2019, for example, a new version of the Bhuiyan portal failed to update land records despite backend updates, even though Chhattisgarh was ranked among the top states by the National Council of Applied Economic Research in terms of land-record digitisation and efficiency in February 2020. A similar mishap was reported on the Bhuiyan CG portal in 2018, as well.

How to check online land records on Chhattisgarh’s Bhuiyan portal?

Among the states that have digitised their land records in order to organise record-keeping and make them readily available to the general public is Chhattisgarh. Land records of the state are available online on its portal Bhuiyan, also known as the state government’s Bhulekh (land record keeping) programme.

The Cg Bhuiya Nic portal is divided into two categories, Bhuiyan (भुइयां) and Bhunaksha (भू-नक्शा). While the former provides access to khasra and khatauni documents, Bhunaksha shows maps of the land and its ownership. Through the portal, citizens can access and download their khasra (P-II) and khatauni (B-I) details, among other things.

By providing free online access to land documents to the common man, the Bhuiyan portal has ended the need to physically visiting the tehsildar’s office to get land-related document. In fact, economic think-tank National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in February 2020 ranked Chhattisgarh among the top states in terms of land-record digitisation and its quality. According to the NCAER research, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu in that order are the top performers in online land record keeping.

Do note here that those not comfortable with accessing documents online, however, can visit the tehsildar’s office- concerned and seek the document they desire.

Documents you can get on Bhuiyan website

How to view khasra (P-II) khatauni (B-I) on Bhuiyan?

(P-II) or (B-I) can be selected and the relevant report can be viewed. While P-II denotes khasra, B-I is khatauni detail. Before you start your search, download a Hindi typing tool from

Step 1: Log on to the offical Bhuiyan website on

Under the ‘Nagrik Suvidha’ tab, you will find the ‘Khasra’ tab. Click on it.

Step 2: The next page will ask you to fill in district, tehsil and village name.

Once you select the ‘Khasra Var’ tab, the details with regard to the property would appear on the screen. The details can be seen on the basis of any part of the landowner’s name.

How to view the map on Bhuiyan?

Step 1: On the Bhuiyan portal, click on the ‘Naksha Dekhe’ tab.

Step 2: Now select the district, tehsil, revenue inspectors and village.

Step 3: By click on the khatauni number from the village map, you will be able to access the map report, P-II and BI details. A copy of the map can be printed on the desired scale.

How to get digitally signed copies of PII and BI documents?

Step 1: On the main site, click on the tab ‘digitally signed Bi/P-II application’.

Step 2: On the page that appear, you can get the details either by ‘choosing village’ or by ‘giving the village number’.

Step 3: After filling in the details, khasra or name to get the details.

How to download Bhuiyan app?

By downloading the Bhuiyan app, citizens can also access all the land record on their mobile. The Bhuiyan android app can be downloaded on Google Playstore.

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