Vastu plan for west facing house with pooja room, living room and other rooms directions

Owing to misconceptions, west-facing homes are often considered inauspicious. We speak to a few Vastu Shastra experts, to understand how the strength of west-facing homes can be leveraged, to make it prosperous for home owners

In a bid to usher in success and positive energy at home, home buyers may often make choices that may seem peculiar. For example, some may believe that only an east facing house Vastu plan is good, or want north-facing bedrooms or a children’s room in the east. In fact, west-facing homes are less preferred, because they are perceived as unlucky and inauspicious, which is a common misconception. Vastu Shastra experts maintain that all directions are equal and come with certain limitations that one should be aware of, so that positivity flows in the home without any hindrance. So, is west facing house good for you? Here are a few Vastu rules that you should know.

West facing house: What it means?

If the main entrance in your home or flat faces the west, it is considered a west-facing home. Usually, west-facing homes are not considered auspicious but Vastu experts maintain otherwise.

Main gates in west-facing homes

According to Shaktikanta Desai, a senior Vastu consultant at AtoZ Associates, the main doors of west-facing homes should be slightly towards the north-west or in the middle. South-west direction should be completely avoided, for placing the main door.

If you divide the length, from the north-west corner to south-west corner in nine equal parts or pada, with the first one in the north-west and the ninth one in the south-west, the fifth and sixth pada will be the best ones for the main door. Home owners should completely avoid the seventh, eighth and ninth padas for the entrance in west facing house as per vastu, as it is considered the corner of devil’s energy.

West facing house Vastu plan for different rooms

West facing house Vastu plan with pooja room and living room

According to Vastu, pooja room and living room should be in the north-east of the house, as it is the most auspicious corner.